Feed a Friend / Feed a Family

About Feed a Friend/Feed a Family Program: This little grassroots program in Simcoe County was born on March 15th 2020 just before our small restaurant in Washago (R Cottage Restaurant) closed due to COVID-19. This all began because of one random act of kindness. A regular customer came in for a visit and explained her trip had just been cancelled due to Covid-19 and she had some extra money and wanted to help out. She said she would like to buy a Chef made meal for a family in need and asked if we knew anyone. We posted this random act of kindness on our social media pages and wow, the after responses from our communities were amazing! More businesses and members from our communities connected with us to say they too would like to sponsor a Chef made meal for a person or family in need. They wanted to sponsor a meal because they knew this could help brighten someone’s day and lift their spirits up. We knew something very special was happening and are humbled to be part of it. We reached out to our local Food Bank, The Sharing Place, as well as Youth Haven in Simcoe County – we since, have been doing weekly meals for the more vulnerable people in our communities. In addition, we have quite a few seniors in our local communities, my own father is 85 years old and has been greatly impacted from Covid-19.  I thought, if we can bring a warm, Chef made, healthy meal to our fellow seniors, this too would be awesome. Our Journey: Since March 15th we have been delivering healthy, Chef made meals to seniors and vulnerable individuals and families in our communities and given Chef made meals to our local community organizations that assist those in need. With our communities support and donations, together, we have fed almost 500 people healthy, Chef made meals in partnership with local organizations.  Reaching New Goals:  To service more people in our communities across Simcoe County: Severn, Ramara, Rama, Orillia, Oro and grow into Gravenhurst/Muskoka. We have had many requests from members in our community and nearby communities that know of vulnerable families and/or seniors and we would like to ensure that a well-balanced, Chef made meal is delivered to them. We would love for our program to continue.

How it Works: Feed a Friend: Chef Plate Sponsor: $15 Feed a Family: Family Meal Sponsor: $45 – Feel free to donate any amount, any donation would be hugely appreciated and will go towards a sponsored meal for someone in need. Your sponsorship includes a Chef made meal and/or Family Meal delivered (contactless) across Simcoe County/Muskoka from R team and one of our local partners.  Do you know a friend or know a family? *If you know a family or person whom would benefit from our program, we kindly ask that you email us info@rcottage.ca so we can add them to our growing list.

R Philosophy: “I have always believed that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy flavour, to allow their thoughts to surrender to their tastebuds, allow their senses to take you to a completely different place, good food made with pure passion can take you to this happy place and allow you to forget what is happening around us, even if for a brief moment”  I am so  grateful that I am still able to help bring people to this place of happy through food made with passion – Chef Ian

Thank you so much for your donation, with your help, we can continue to feed new friends and feed new families. Follow our Journey: Connect with us on our social media pages Facebook and Instagram @RCottageWashago, this is where we share all the pics and weekly meals.  “Food is the ingredient that binds us together” I look forward to meeting you someday to thank you in person. Cheers, Chef Ian Thompson & Family R Cottage Restaurant Washago

Feed a Friend / Feed a Family – Fundraising Goal

Donations to Date – $5,780
GoFundMe Goal – $7,500

Do you know or are you a vulnerable person, a family in need or senior in isolation? Please connect with us so we can ensure you have a Chef Made Meal brought to your door! 

    *Any information you provide is strictly confidential.

    We’d like to thank the local sponsors below for their support

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